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海桥咨询有限公司(以下简称海桥公司)是一家注册于加拿大温哥华的综合国际咨询公司. 该公司成立于2000年初, 主要咨询与经营项目包括: 中加教育合作项目, 中加市场咨询服务, 项目引进咨询服务, 中国公共关系咨询服务, 加拿大投资与保险咨询服务, 中加产品进出口服务等. 该公司的宗旨是通过中加咨询服务这座桥梁, 以互联网等高科技手段和商业化的运作, 整合加拿大和中国的资源, 达到中加人才,技术, 资金及其他资源互通有无的目的.

郭抒, 海桥公司CEO. 拥有武汉华中理工大学计算机软件学士学位, 首都经济贸易大学经济学硕士学位, 荷兰工商学院EMBA学位, 加拿大英属哥伦比亚教育学硕士学位. 曾就职于首都经济贸易大学企业管理系, 摩托罗拉(中国)有限公司, 外企服务总公司, 美国凯思泰技术开发有限等公司, 多次参与,承担企业管理信息系统的开发, 系统集成等软件开发工作,为众多中外企业和政府部门提供培训,咨询,诊断及策划等服务, 并于2000年在北京成功地策划,组织, 并主持了"个性化的国际电子商务研讨会".

When Shu Guo arrived in Canada from China in 2001 to start Hi-bridge Consulting Corp., the tiny fireball of an entrepreneur didn't expect to be washing dishes instead. However, realizing she wasn't fluent enough to run her business in English, she put her plans on hold and started working in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant. During the next year and a half, she moved from washing dishes to working at Canadian Tire Corp. Ltd. (CTC) before deciding to pursue a master of arts in education at UBC.

Already armed with an MBA from Shanghai, Guo was brimming with entrepreneurial spirit upon completion of her degree. Revisiting her original plan to run a consulting firm specializing in Asian imports, Guo decided to start importing non-alcoholic beer and hard alcohol. Then she was introduced to Yanjing beer through a friend. Though a teetotaller herself, she was impressed by the flavour of the Chinese rice beer and brought it on board as her main import product.

Investing $100,000 of her own money and seven days a week into the company during the first year, Guo got Yanjing sales off the ground in B.C. In a recent boon to business, the popular rice beer has since been named the official beer of the Beijing Olympics.

To meet B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch standards, which would ensure the sale of Yanjing in liquor stores across the province, Guo had to prove the beer would sell. "At the beginning, it was very hard; people didn't know the beer," Guo recalls. "We started setting up tastings so the cold beer and wine stores and restaurants would buy it."

Her hustle worked, and restaurants and cold beer and wine stores across B.C. started carrying Yanjing beer. Hi-bridge has exclusive rights to sell the beer in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and the Yukon. B.C. is currently Guo's biggest market, ringing up sales of $22,000 a month. However, Guo expects the Ontario market to catch up and possibly eclipse B.C. in the near future.

B.C. is a minuscule market compared to her homeland, but Guo notes that, fortunately for her, people in B.C. tend to drink a lot. "It's a small market compared to China, but that's not always a bad thing - there is less competition, so it makes a very good business environment," she says. "People here are easier to deal with. In China people are friendly, but there are too many people."

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